Naturally  bio  & logical !

Welcome to Natural Bag 

Natural Bag is specialized in the delivery of biobased and 100% compostable bags made from bioplastics, tree-free PaperWise paper. We always strive to come up with the most durable and responsible solution in terms of materials used and production methods. 

We cater to organizations and businesses in a low-threshold, cost-effective and practical manner to their desire to be more sustainable in their practices, with our highly environmentally friendly alternatives to the polluting 'old fashioned' fossil plastic and paper bags. 

Environmentally safe bags

At Natural Bag we love bags and trees. That's why we choose to have our paper bags made from PaperWise, a special paper for which no trees have been cut down. PaperWise has the same high quality as traditional paper or board. This way we prevent deforestation and protect biodiversity by not making use of the mono-production forests of the traditional paper industry. 


Sustainable and responsible

Our eco-friendly bioplastic bags have the same appearance and characteristics as traditional plastic bags; the film feels soft to the touch and can be printed perfectly. In addition, all of our offered bags have the advantage that they are 100% compostable and biodegradable, they  generate lower CO2 emissions during production. Therefore, it is good for the environment and your image. By choosing Natural Bag, your organization contributes to a better environment and moves towards transitioning to a circular economy.

Benefits Natural Bag

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Waste turned into valuable humus
  • Supports your sustainable development commitment
  • Part of the Solution not Pollution!

Private label

In addition to standard models, your bag can also be custom made including your logo or design. The printing and finishing are of superior quality. Result: a durable bag that is worthy to carry your brand name.

High-quality prints

High-quality prints and innovative and flexible solutions are just some of Natural Bag's features. Your name, logo or design on our sustainable bags are the ideal advertising medium for your organization. The professional advice, guidance and quality of work we provide at Natural Bag ensures that your customized bag conveys the desired message and brand image.

Excellent Exceptional Delivery

Natural Bag has been awarded the amazing (!)

EXPO 2020 Dubai Certificate of Exceptional Delivery for Sustainability.   

The World Expo 2020 took place in Dubai, UAE from October 1st, 2021 until March 31st, 2022. 192 different countries participated, and more than 24.1 million visitors were welcomed at the truly spectacular site.

Natural Bag - Naturally bio & logical! 


Natural Bag

  • High quality natural bags
  • Bioplastics 100% compostable; EN13432 certified
  • Your personal, environmentally safe advertising medium
  • Superior printing; 1 color to full color
  • Expert advice and customization
  • Customized bioplastic bags already available from only 5,000 pieces
  • Customized tree-free paper bags already available from only 1,000 pieces 


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